About us


We create machines that remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere

We're working to reverse climate change by developing machines that leverage innovative molecular sieves, low-cost solar power, and smart AI control systems to cost-effectively remove CO2 from the atmosphere at scale. The CO2 our systems capture can be either permanently deposited underground or recycled as a raw material.

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Our technical innovations drastically reduce the costs of capturing CO2 from air

Various technologies to capture CO2 have existed since at least the 1920s. But until recently, the key problems have always been high cost of the required energy, the large carbon footprint of that energy, and the difficulty of efficiently operating a plant at scale. Our core innovations address these issues head-on.

Molecular sieves

Innovative molecular sieves

All carbon capture processes are based on the use of specialized materials that absorb and desorb CO2 from air under different conditions.

Our chemists have invented proprietary molecular sieves that dramatically reduce overall energy and operating costs of capturing CO2 in our expected environmental conditions.

Solar power

Low-cost solar power

Massive amounts of energy are required to remove CO2 at gigaton scale.

Our mechanical engineers have created proprietary methods for generating low-cost solar power at a cost dramatically lower than previously attainable.

Equally important, since solar energy has a very low carbon footprint, we don’t create more CO2 in process of removing it.

Control systems

AI-based control systems

A carbon capture system is only as smart as the software that operates it.

Our software engineers are creating AI-based control systems that minimize costs through the intelligent application of energy and weather forecasting, real-time optimization, and automated controls.

And there’s this:

For every ton of CO2 we capture, our process also captures more than a ton of clean, fresh water distilled straight from the air.

This water can be used to create an oasis in the deserts in which our facilities operate. CPG companies can also reduce their carbon footprint by using our ‘carbon-negative water’ in cosmetics, bath products, and beverages.



Incubated at Idealab

CarbonCapture is the brainchild of founder Bill Gross, a technology entrepreneur and founder of Idealab, a start-up incubator with a long track-record of creating successful companies—including 45 IPOs and acquisitions. Many of these companies invented technologies that transformed the internet, including the pay per click model that powers Google search.

Most recently, Bill has focused Idealab on building companies that can make breakthroughs in addressing climate change in three critical areas: sustainable energy production, sustainable energy storage, and atmospheric carbon removal. In the last several years, three companies have emerged from this vision: Heliogen (concentrated solar power), Energy Vault (low-cost kinetic energy storage, and CarbonCapture (direct air capture of CO2).

“Climate change may be civilization’s greatest challenge, but it’s also one of our greatest economic opportunities. It has to be if we’re going to solve it.”

Bill Gross, Founder


California is our home

While our carbon capture systems are designed to operate anywhere in the world, our corporate offices and R&D labs are located in Pasadena, CA—giving us ready access to world-class staff, leading research universities, top-tier venture capitalists, and forward-thinking NGOs and government agencies.