Research and Development

Chemical Process Engineer


Pasadena, CA


CarbonCapture, Inc. is a start-up climate tech company focused on reversing the effects of climate change by removing CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere. Using a process called Direct Air Capture (DAC), our mission is to economically remove CO2 at a massive, world-changing scale. CarbonCapture was created at Idealab, a leading technology incubator located in Pasadena, CA.

The Chemical Process Engineer will be working with the team to design, model, test, and optimize the temperature vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) process for advanced proprietary materials developed for DAC. The engineer will take the lead in characterizing the materials and developing process models and prototypes. The position requires the engineer to work closely with research scientists to design and run the experiments. The engineer must possess good communication and organizational skills.

Desirable skills & experience

If interested, please send a cover note and resume to