Research and Development

Research Engineer


Pasadena, CA


Would you be excited to work with a groundbreaking company that’s focused on decarbonizing the atmosphere? Founded in 2019, CarbonCapture is a California-based climate tech company that makes modular machines that can be connected in large arrays to capture massive amounts of CO2 directly from the atmosphere. CarbonCapture was created at Idealab, a leading technology incubator.

The Research Engineer will perform general research tasks and contribute to the building and optimization of analytical models. This role will utilize creativity and broad engineering knowledge to gather an initial understanding of potential areas of technical development, communicate the key details, and make recommendations for investing further resources. A successful hire will not only reliably deliver on assigned technical exploration tasks, but also show promising instincts and initiative in discovering, validating, and communicating ways to improve the system concept design.

Key accountabilities:
Desirable experience: