Research and Development

Electro-Mechanical Engineer


Pasadena, CA


Would you be excited to work with a groundbreaking company that’s focused on decarbonizing the atmosphere? Founded in 2019, CarbonCapture is a California-based climate tech company that makes modular machines that can be connected in large arrays to capture massive amounts of CO2 directly from the atmosphere. CarbonCapture was created at Idealab, a leading technology incubator.

The Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer will take the lead on designing, building, and testing, and integrating the electro-mechanical aspects of our prototype systems including fans, valves, actuators, VFD, electric motors, and other instrumentation and sensors. Crucially, the engineer will then design and implement the control schemes and software to automate the prototype operation. The Electro-Mechanical Engineer will collaborate with other prototype team engineers to build the key prototypes to validate the core technology as well as novel concepts.

Key accountabilities:
Desirable experience: