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According to the IPCC, at least 100 billion tons of CO2 need to be removed from the atmosphere by 2100. No one can go it alone of course—it’s going to require a massive effort from a wide variety of participants.

We’re actively seeking government, research, financial, and commercial partnerships. If there’s an opportunity you’d like to explore together, please contact us at

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  • Technology licensing
  • Contract research
  • Joint development
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  • Roll-out partnerships
  • Purchase of our carbon-negative water
  • Energy partnerships
  • Access to class VI well for CO2 storage
  • Recycling of CO2 as raw material
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  • Joint development
  • Grants and subsidies
  • Financial support
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  • Project-based funding
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Technology guidance
  • Purchase our carbon-negative water

    Our CO2 removal process creates large amounts of water as a byproduct. This pure, fresh water is distilled straight from air using clean solar power.

    By using our carbon-negative water in their consumer products (e.g. cosmetics, bath products, and beverages), CPG companies can both lower their carbon footprint and support the development of direct air capture technologies.

    Contact for more information.

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